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Daystar Life Center of Citrus County is truly blessed by the generosity of so many. Thank you dear donors!

Without you, or our volunteers, it would be impossible to carry out our mission to help the impoverished, the homeless, and the struggling families with children in Citrus County.

Our greatest financial support, year in and year out, comes from the following:

  • St. Benedict Catholic Church, Crystal River (our host parish)
  • Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Beverly Hills
  • St. Scholastica Catholic Church, Lecanto
  • The Knights of Columbus Councils affiliated with the above parishes
  • The Communities of Catholic Women affiliated with the above parishes
  • Members of the above parishes

The greatest support we receive outside of the Roman Catholic Church is from:

  • Black Diamond Foundation, Inc. of Black Diamond Ranch Club, Lecanto
  • United Way of Citrus County
  • Duke Energy and SECO Energy
  • Through the Mid Florida Homeless Coalition
  • Many residents in Citrus County

Through the years Black Diamond Foundation has helped Daystar purchase a modular building that is used as our Social Services Office, two utility buildings for the sale of furniture and appliances from our Thrift Store, and a walk-in freezer, a new roof, three commercial refrigerators and an upright commercial freezer for our Food Pantry.  After Hurricane Irma the Foundation provided funds for financial assistance to struggling households, which Daystar needed to fund help for low-income residents in the county who fell behind in their utility bills and were at risk of having their electricity disconnected. 

For many years United Way has awarded grants that Daystar was able to use to purchase food for distribution through our Food Pantry and/or to assist eligible clients either with overdue rent or to secure housing for them. For 2017-2018 Daystar received $18,750 to help low-income households in Citrus County with food or with overdue housing and utility costs.

Annually, Daystar receives grants administered by United Way from two utility companies in order to provide financial help to their respective customers who are at risk of having electrical power shut off:

  • SECO Energy Angel Fund (Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc.)
  • Duke Energy Neighbor Fund

Daystar is a member organization of the Mid Florida Homeless Coalition.  The Coalition is comprised of service providers to the homeless and any other groups, organizations or agencies helping or advocating for the homeless in the counties of Citrus, Hernando, Sumter and Lake.  The Coalition receives grant requests from its member organizations, then evaluates them and chooses which proposals it will forward to Florida's Office on Homelessness. That office is under the Florida Department of Children and Families, which receives both state and federal funds designated to house or help the homeless, and to keep people from becoming homeless.  The Office on Homelessness administers those funds and determines how they will be allocated to the regional and county organizations like the Mid Florida Homeless Coalition.  For 2017-2018 Daystar was the recipient of a $14,134 grant, which was specifically used to keep low-income families with children under the age of 18 housed, who are at a high risk of becoming homeless.

We are just as grateful to all of the individuals and families, churches, civic clubs, service clubs, social clubs, sporting clubs, charitable organizations, businesses, schools and county departments for their donations of: money for our Social Services, money and food for our Food Pantry, clothing and other items for our Thrift Store, and money, equipment and supplies necessary for us to carry out our mission.

THANK YOU! May God bless you for blessing us with your support, so that we may help those in need.

Daystar is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Monetary and property contributions to Daystar Life Center of Citrus County are eligible as federal tax deductions.