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Thrift Store

The Thrift Store at Daystar Life Center of Citrus County provides--at very affordable prices--secondhand or gently used items that are useful to meet the basic needs of households of any size.  You may even be fortunate to find some new items that had never been used by the donors.

Our store is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except federal holidays, Good Friday, the week of July 4th, Thanksgiving Day weekend, and the weeks including Christmas and New Year’s Day.  We often hold sales---almost weekly---just check out our main sign out front where we post the type of sale it is.

We also provide free clothing to children, women and men who meet our eligibility criteria. The poor, the homeless and the struggling families with children who have basic clothing needs may come to our Social Services Office up to four (4) times per year for vouchers to use in our Thrift Store.  The vouchers are valued at $15 per person per household.  Our vouchers are limited to basic clothing that is available at that time and may only be used on the day it is given.  Vouchers may not be used to get accessories or certain clothing items that are reserved for re-sale only.

Our Thrift Store is our main source of revenue. Our Thrift Store Manager is the only full-time employee and our truck driver is the only part-time employee for our Thrift Store. We depend on volunteers to staff the store. Without the monies generated by sales, Daystar would not be able to exist as a primary resource for the poor, the homeless and the struggling families in Citrus County.

So, please help us help others and consider our Thrift Store either for your shopping or to donate the following:

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories for children, women & men

Jewelry & Art

Collector's Items

Fabric & Craft Supplies

Toys & Games that are clean with no damage and games with no missing pieces

Furniture that is usable without more than minor damage or stains (no entertainment centers of compressed wood; no desks, including computer desks; no china hutches without matching table & chairs)

Beds & Mattresses without stains or rips

Appliances of all sizes that are functional (no dishwashers, gas stoves or gas dryers)

Household Items of any kind that are clean and not damaged (we accept sets of dishes & glasses; any other kitchen or dining ware; functional small appliances; linens, spreads, curtains, table covers & towel sets; all other useful items every household needs; and table, shelf & wall art or ornamentation;)

Books & Magazines (no newspapers)

CDs & DVDs that are not damaged (no videotapes)

Flat-screen TVs that are functional (no other TVs, except very small ones)

Electronic & Audio-Visual Units that are functional & not damaged

Athletic & Outdoor Sports Items (no mechanical or powered exercise equipment)


Cleaning Equipment & Yard Equipment either powered or manual as long as they are functional & not damaged

NOTE, please do not donate: mechanical or powered exercise equipment, pianos or organs, computer printers, TVs except with flat screens, dishwashers, gas stoves or dryers, mattresses with stains or rips, desks of any kind, china hutches without matching table & chairs, entertainment centers made of compressed wood, and nothing that is broken or badly damaged or just does not work.


We have a box truck that is available for the free pickup of donated furniture and large appliances. Please, donate items that are clean, unbroken and re-usable.  (Also note the list directly above of things NOT to donate.) The truck is also available for a small donation to deliver furniture or appliances purchased from our store.

To schedule our truck, call between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. (352) 795-8668 then press 1.  Speak to the receptionist or email us at DaystarLife1@gmail.com.  It is vitally important to provide a telephone number, because a pickup order will be given to the truck driver, who will call to schedule the pickup and to verify the address.

Pickups are scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday for furniture and large appliances only.  Some Fridays and Saturdays may be available to pick up items of great value.

Please understand that our driver is instructed not to bring back anything he finds of little use or value.  We cannot afford to bring back anything that will need to be hauled away to the landfill. If any items are broken or badly damaged or soiled and if appliances just do not work, please do not bring them to Daystar or give them to our truck driver.


Please come to the Thrift Store Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and bring the items inside or come inside and ask for help.

For help to unload your vehicle, please back up to the rear double doors of the store, then go inside to the cashier and ask for assistance.

Before or after hours you may leave items at or in the Donation Bin. As you look at the front of the store, go around the handicap parking spaces on the right-hand side. Look for the bin at the left of the outdoor freezer of the Food Pantry building.  Please do not leave items outside if it is raining or it is expected to rain before our store opens.  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OF GOOD VALUE OR QUALITY AFTER OUR BUSINESS HOURS, IT WILL NOT BE THERE WHEN WE OPEN.  The Sheriff has posted a sign stating that ANYTHING STOLEN from or at our donation bin IS A FELONY.  We greatly appreciate the deputies who keep watch over our buildings and grounds.

Please, bring only items that are clean and usable.

Please remember, our Thrift Store generates revenue to support our operations as a charitable social services organization.  If we receive things that we cannot sell, then it costs us both the time of our staff and volunteers and the money that we raise to haul those things away.

We will greatly appreciate your cooperation in donating clean and useful items to our Thrift Store.  Thank you!